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Our masks are tested by an accredited laboratory and certified according FFP2 and KN95 standards. You can check our test report here

Face masks reduces wearer’s exposure to particles including small particle aerosols and large droplets while the surgical mask protects against microorganisms, body fluids, and large particles in the air.

Our masks consist of 5 layers and contain 3 components: Spunbond + Meltblown + Hot air cotton

Masks are meant to catch the air you breathe, that is why it is important to wear it over your nose. Wearing the mask over your nose will also help provide a better fit. 

No, our masks are disposable and cannot be washed.

No, you can only use our masks safely once. As soon as you take off the mask, you need to dispose of it in a waste bin.

Our masks have a shelf life of 4 to 5 years from the date of manufacture indicated on the packaging.

The valve is a comfort device. The valve lets air out more easily, which makes breathing more comfortable. It should also keep the mask less sweaty.  It does not affect or contribute towards the level of protection that the mask offers, but it controls how much air can escape from the mask and how quickly it can do this.

Our masks can be worn up to 4/5 hours.

However, when there is more humidity, you will notice that gradually it is more difficult to breathe. In this case, you have to replace it. Also if your mask is dirty, damaged or torn.

A beard reduces the seal of the mask on the face and reduces its overall effectiveness.

No, we have a unique size. We recommend you to do a fit test before using a mask in a hazardous area.

Our masks are manufactured in our plant located in Hô Chi Minh, Vietnam.

You can buy our masks by contacting one of our representatives located in your region 

To know our prices, please contact one of our representatives located in your region 

Our masks are individually packaged in plastic.

Minimum purchase quantity is 1 case of 8 boxes. 

Since our 3 sites are supplied, we deliver our products all over the world.

If your package is delivered damaged, contact us and we will replace it.

Of course. We invite new companies to join our growing international distributors network. You can fill out this form.


Easy Kleen is a protective covering providing economical approach to maintain a clean and safe surfaces. It is often used in paint mixing rooms, clean rooms, sterile environments, under conveyors, and in high traffic areas.

Easy Kleen Regular is dedicated for a strandard traffic (pedestrian) while Easy Kleen Heavy matches with a heavy traffic (palett jack). 

Yes, Easy Kleen is made of flame retardant paper (T461cm-00), approved by the Physical Properties Committee of TAPPI.

Aerem requires their paper suppliers to meet or exceed the TAPPI Standards to ensure quality in every roll of Easy Kleen. 

The vivid bright white paper of Easy Kleen illuminates booth visibility and minimizes shadows, thus reducing rejects.

Of course, Easy Kleen protects walls and floors.

No, but we recommend a heavy duty industrial tape to adhere Easy Kleen to the floors and walls. 

It depends of the surface of your area. Measure the area you need to cover and convert it into square feet/m2 (length x width).

Lay on the booth floor/wall the Easy Kleen roll. Scotch one end on the wall or floor, decoil the necessary length, cut and scotch the other end on the wall or floor. This will take just a few minutes.

Change when booth is stopped for maintenance.

Click here and find our several dimensions. 

Our Easy Kleen range is manufactued in our plant located in Saint-Laurent, Canada. 

You can buy Easy Kleen rolls by contacting one of our representatives located in Americas:

+1 514-375-7100

To know our prices, please contact one of our representatives located in Americas:

+1 514-375-7100

Our rollers are packaged individually to reduce damage in shipping and storage

The minimum purchase is 1 palet of 30 rolls. 

We deliver our products throughout the Americas region. 

If your package is delivered damaged, contact us and we will replace it.

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