Protective Equipment
for Industrial Applications

About us

Efas Protect is a brand developed by the Aerem company


With the creation of this brand, we aim to support industrial companies by ensuring their safety with a wide range of protective equipment:
Personal Protective Equipment and Surfaces Protection.

“EFAS PROTECT” came up from the word “SAFE” spelled backwards.

We are concerned to provide secure equipment that meets legal protection standards. We also desire to include this security approach in a sustainable process allowing to perpetuate our prevention efforts and to ensure perfect security for operators in the long term.

Our wide range of protective equipment

Protective Masks

Different environment require different levels of protection.

With EFAS PROTECT get the ideal disposable protective mask to ensure perfect safety!

Easy Kleen

Why scrape overspray residues when you can roll?

Easy Kleen provides an economical approach to maintain a clean, safe floor and wall surfaces against accumulated deposits of paint and overspray.

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